Buyzooka AMA Q/A compilation:

June, the 3rd 2021

Q1 : Well , tell us a bit more about the sidechain you'll use for Buyzooka, and how many TPS can you reach ?

A1 : The blockchain that is used by Buyzooka is Polygon (ex-MATIC). This blockchain is a side chain of Ethereum. We did choose this blockchain because it reduces frictions implemented by Ethereum blockchain (gas price). We can reach 7200 TPS on Polygon blockchain 🙌

Q2 : Is it so important to have a very high TPS rate for Buyzooka? because some other mainnet have more than 10 K TPS

A2 : No it is not necessarily important as the blockchain is used :

1. to give cashback to users

2. to store future transaction p2p on our incoming second hand platform

There is no need to get a big capacity in term of TPS

Q3 : Hello guys, nice project :) What are the origin of the project?

A3 : The idea already started to emerge in February 2020. True coincidence, when you think about it, as it was right before the pandemic that really enable the e-commerce industry to rise, thereby also showing its limitations...

Q4 @mmoresch why did you prefer an ICO versus a traditionnal venture/ fund raising?

A4 : Well that is a very good question thank you ! I prefer an ICO mainly for the simplicity and community spirit that it represents compared to VC fundraising. Indeed, an ICO has a worldwide reach and can speak to anyone having an interest in the project, any level, sharing the same values

Q5 : Why did you choose polygone instead of other blockchain ?

A5 : We did choose Polygon between several blockchain we were benchmarking (Ethereum, TEZOS, Polkadot).The main reason is the compatibility with ERC-20 tokens (our token is ERC-20 compliant) and also the meaningless of gas price on every transaction (very close to 0)

Q6 : How many partners are you expecting in the 2 next years?

A6: Over the next two years, we are expecting to make partnerships with notorious CMS such as WiX and Woocommerce, thereby enabling Buyzooka to cover more than 3M e-shops in the long run

Q7 : Aren’t you scared that a huge platform (Amazon, …) somehow strike back against Buyzooka?

A7 : Amazon is definitely what we can call a giant in the industry, but with our decentralised community approach promoting independent e-shops and brands diversity, we really hope so...this would mean we do a good job :)… And we know from trusted source that Amazon have already an eye on Buyzooka... That's a good point! Their European HQ is near us in Luxembourg...

Q8 : How will you keep a bullish trend of the $BZOO Token ?

A8 : I can not assure that we will surely maintain a « bullish» trend, but the market can.. and will. Indeed, the uptrend evolution of the $BZOO will be directly correlated to the turnover generated by our users and the results of our business activity, thereby driving a sustainable and growing demand for the token

Q9 (Last question) : Will we be able to pay to the partners with the $BZOO? Is it something that you are planning to do?

A9 : Indeed! >We are actually working on the payment infrastructure developping our own Buyzooka's secure wallet to be plugged in merchant's front-end. It's is scheduled for Q2-2022