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Built to enable merchants of all sizes to compete with market leading standards.

Fidelize customer

Empowering independent retailers by instilling customer loyalty in their products and services.

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We aim to provide shoppers with a safe, fast and private alternative to existing checkout models.

Because we reduce the cart abandonment

We're not interested in fancy software. We're interested in solving real business problems.

Help to fidelize customers

Our mission is to empower our partners (retailers) by supporting them with great tools, training and support to provide the best experience for their customers.

Be part of Ecommerce 3.0

We’ve got your back and we’ve got an eye on the future. As always, thank you for being here. #futureofcommerce

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See how we are building a class of products and services to empower shoppers to get better prices, guarantee transparency, use data to make a wise choice, and *get compensated for sharing*!

Bring your voice

As Buyzooka is a global initiative, the ICO will be open to everyone. The $BZOO token will function as utility token as well as governance token , TCR and reward incentive

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Product Roadmap

Product release

April 2021

release of Buyzooka beta version.


June 2021

- Seed (On invitations) from May 24th to June 15th
- Private sale: Opening June 16th 11.00 AM CET
- Public ICO: Opening June 24th 11.00 AM CET


September 2021

Smart contract deployment on Polygon Mainnet to integrate with Buyzooka's operations for decentralized governance and fast buy cashback.


November 2021

Buyzooka Mobile app release on iOS and Android

P2P Platform

Spring 2022

Launch of the B.U.N. (Barter United Nation) allowing Buyzookers exchange items using the $BZOO token as reference unitary value

AI Bots

Spring 2022

Improve purchasing on internet by analysing using AI.

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